Apocalypse Traffic

Buckle up, it's time to fight for survival through the Apocalypse Traffic

Game Features

Addictive 3D Gameplay

Beautiful 3D Graphics.Smooth Game Play. Near miss and high-speed bonuses.

3 Apocalyptic Landscapes

Witness the new world through three locations - a decaying city, desolate badlands and a town left in ruins.

Leaderboard Integration

Compare your score with your Apocalyptic comrades with online leaderboards.

7 Upgradeable Cars

Select from 7 playable cars.
Upgrade the car's engine, brakes and steering.

3 Game Modes

One way traffic, two-way traffic, and Timed mode.

iOS and Android

Works great on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and Tablets.

Exciting Game Play

Flight your way through the Apocalypse Traffic

The year is 2030. A human pandemic has swept the earth leaving only a few survivors. The world's cities are now run by nature; barren land resides where communities once thrived.
Drive your way through three decimated locations whilst avoiding traffic to increase money; High-octane driving is rewarded with near miss and high-speed bonuses.

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